The world’s most beautiful art galleries

If you are interested in art, then you definitely cannot wait to enjoy the greatest art galleries in the world. Even if you are not an art fan, there are galleries that will still impress you. Some of them are listed below.

  1. Uffizi Gallery

This is one of the most wonderful art galleries in the whole world. Besides the fact that it is in the heart of Italy, in one of the most artistic Italian cities where the greatest artists were born (Florence), it has the biggest Renaissance painting collection in the world.

From the very first step into the gallery you will have the feeling that you have traveled back in time, due to its historical aura. Be prepared to see the most fascinating works of art of those times. If you are interested in Renaissance art, you will never be able to forget this visit.


  1. Musee d’Orsay

If you happen to be in Paris, you should definitely visit Musee d’Orsay, since it has a unique collection of Impressionist works, that are a historical treasure. You will have the opportunity to see works by artists like Pissarro, Monet, or Degas.


  1. Picasso Museum

This gallery is entirely dedicated to Picasso and all his works. People usually know about this artist that he used to paint abstract works, because they were the most popular. However, Picasso was more than that.

The museum’s architecture is just as incredible as Picasso’s works. If you ever happen to visit Barcelona, this gallery should definitely be on your must-see and must-visit list.


  1. Gagosian Gallery

This fascinating gallery was founded in 1980 and the artists that it represents are Nam June Paik, Anish Kapoor, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Ed Ruscha and Damien Hirst. The gallery has also worked with architects as Caruso St John and Richard Meier.

Besides contemporary exhibitions, the Gagosian Gallery also focuses on historical ones, having exhibitions of artists like Picasso or Andy Warhol. The galleries are located in New York, London, Los Angeles, Paris, Rome, Athens, Geneva, San Francisco, and Hong Kong.


  1. Sprueth Magers

This gallery is focused on highlighting the talent of female artists, because its founder, Monika Sprüth was very disappointed by the fact that Cologne, Germany was mainly represented by male artists. Monika succeeded in showing the work of famous female artists, such as Barbara Kruger or Jenny Holzer.

Sprueth Magers has spaces in Berlin, Los Angeles and London.


Of course, there are many other galleries that have their own style, theme and history that have to be seen in a lifetime, because each of them is unique. Art is one of the few things that are able to make humans feel something and express their emotions. We have to take every chance we have to see pieces of art, because they are not just objects – they also hide (and express) the feelings of the artist.


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